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The Community
The Community The farm is situated at Ha Lajone, a rural community in the Lesotho Highlands. The community has been drawn into the project in various ways:
  • direct employment
  • aquaculture training
  • processing skills
  • tourism
  • commercial fishing
  • sport fishing, and
  • support of local businesses.

The Ha Lajone community, through the Lajone Fish Farm, receives an annual royalty on all the trout produced in the area.

The Kingdom of Lesotho benefits by:
  • becoming the "bread-basket" of trout production in Africa
  • earning foreign revenue
  • the empowerment of its people
  • unlocking sustainable resources
  • the creation of employment
  • the transfer of skills, and
  • meeting and exceeding the goals and objectives for aquaculture development set out in NEPAD and by SADC.