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Royale Highlands Trout

Farming Fish Through The Seasons
Farming Fish Through The Seasons The Three Streams Hatchery imports trout eggs from certified disease free stock every two months. Fry from these hatches are transported to Katse, where they begin their cycle in nursery pens. Heavy rains during the summer months means that our trout are well exercised, lean and healthy. This leads to a firm fleshed fish. In autumn and winter the weather can be very severe, with ice and snow covering the mountains and farm. Occasionally the farm and village are cut off from the outside world. In Spring, as the water temperatures rise, the trout’s appetite increases. This means good growth into summer, when water temperatures are ideal for trout rearing.

Ideal Conditions for Rearing Trout The waters of the Lesotho Highlands are the only place in Southern Africa where large volumes of trout can be farmed all year round. These waters provide suitable temperature profiles, and are clean, sheltered and well oxygenated.

Caring for the Environment The farm fallows all of its rearing sites. The high water exchange and windy summer conditions ensure minimal impact on the environment. Our sites quickly regenerate to their pristine natural state.