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Royale Highlands Trout

Best Practice
Best Practice At every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply, we institute a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. This defines a long term role for aquaculture as a viable part of the future food supply chain - producing lean, fit and healthy fish. We give priority to:
  • the health and welfare of the fish
  • the long term protection of the environment, and
  • the delivery of an outstanding product to the consumer.

Sustainable Food for Sustainable Trout Trout farmed in sustainable systems like Katse Fish Farms has the lowest carbon footprint of all farm raised animals. We work actively with our feed supplier to ensure the full traceability of all ingredients used in the manufacture of the trout feeds. We also ensure that the fishmeal source of protein is acquired from sustainable wild resources. Continual innovation ensures we are actively lowering our carbon footprint.

From Harvest to Market ... Royale Highlands Trout are tested and monitored through every stage of the rearing process. Rearing is phased for year-round harvesting, and a continual supply of fresh fish to the consumer. The Katse Fish Farms trout are processed exclusively by Three Streams Smokehouse, the largest processor and distributor of value-added trout products in Southern Africa. The smoked range is now available to the public exclusively through Woolworths stores in Southern Africa under the Royale Highlands Trout brand. Three Streams Smokehouse is also a major supplier to the food service sector in Southern Africa.